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Nando’s is offering 50% for everyone over 65 for heartwarming reason UK News

Nando’s launched the free #NanGo campaign to help young people reconnect with their elderly loved ones and scran with nan as lockdown restrictions loosen.

The campaign will allow everyone over 65 to dine at 50% at Nando’s from June 7 to 9 and get together with their family around a PERi-PERi feast.

With the easing of restrictions and with the aim of reconnecting young people with their grandparents or elderly friends who they miss dearly, Nando’s has announced the arrival of its most generous offer to date with 50% off the bill. total, in all British restaurants from June 7 to 9.

So, rather than feasting on grandmother’s Brussels sprouts, Nando’s brings generations together, family and friends can finally get together around a restaurant table.

NanGo’s free campaign is a result of the loosening of lockdowns across the UK and aims to bring you back to a life full of flavor – helping to bridge the gap between older people, most affected by the effects of 2020, and their younger counterparts.

Times Series: The campaign will allow everyone over 65 to dine at 50% off at Nando's.  (from Nando)The campaign will allow everyone over 65 to dine 50% off at Nando’s. (from Nando)

The campaign runs alongside Nando’s larger community-led food donation program, No Chuckin ‘Our Chicken, which has seen over 600,000 meals donated, through various food charities across the UK since its inception.

Many of these charities serve food to elderly people across the UK who are not fortunate enough to have families to care for them.

With that in mind, Nando’s will be raising donations for City Harvest and the Xcess Network throughout the promotion of #NanGo through the end of June to help raise funds to feed vulnerable older people across the UK.

Customers will be encouraged to donate 25 pence (enough for a meal donation) through Nando’s new table payment app.

The free #NanGo promotion will allow anyone over 65 to join their young parents to feast on a PERi-PERi meal, with 50% off the bill (capped at £ 20), at any time between June 7 and 9.

For more information on the promotion and wider community work of Nando, visit the Nando website.

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