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Sheffield woman said to ‘expect the worst’ after dog accidentally ate rat poison UK News

Emilie Jade Rodgers said she was walking her dog, Coco, near her home on Stanhope Road on a public holiday Monday and is now warning other dog owners to stay alert after the terrifying incident.

The 20-year-old said the dog collapsed shortly after arriving home and appeared very weak.

She said: “After a normal walk from my house on Stanhope Road to the Premier Shop on Alnwick Road, my dog ​​managed to eat poisonous poison!

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Coco was almost killed after accidentally using rat poison while out for a walk with her owner. Photo by Emilie Jade Rodgers

“We narrowed it down to the patch of grass (next to Hollin Bush) but not 100% sure.

“We were out for about 30 minutes to arrive home at around 2:45 pm. By 3:00 pm, she had collapsed in her bed.

“By 5 pm she hadn’t moved and was very, very sleepy. She had no strength left and couldn’t move, she wasn’t drinking or even trying to open her eyes.

“At 9 pm we were on our way to the emergency vets where, on arrival, she had a seizure, she was taken from us and told to expect the worst.”

Coco is recovering well at home. Photo by Emilie Jade Rodgers

Emilie said Coco had to spend the night on an IV and had her stomach pumped.

“At 9 o’clock this morning (Tuesday) we got the phone call she made all night and we were able to pick her up.

“She’s home but it was very tight.”

She said the vet confirmed Coco had eaten rat poison and would have died the same night if she had not been taken to the vet.

“He’s a 13 week old puppy and I would hate for someone else to go through what we went through last night.

“The vets who saved her life were Green Veterinary Practice. I am so grateful for the care they gave to my little girl. I was so afraid this would be the last time I would see her,” he said. she declared.

She said Coco was now recovering well at home and was spoiled with tons of new toys.

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