Ford’s first VW-based electric vehicle to be an American-flavored crossover Car News

It is also understood that all performance variants, paired with the new ID 4 GTX, will not use Ford’s long-standing ST or RS nicknames, given the cultural weight they hold, especially in European countries. . Inside, the new Ford will be heavily influenced by the recently revealed Evos crossover in the Chinese market, which was previously thought to be the successor to the Mondeo in Europe.

Notably, this car has a 1.1-meter 4K infotainment screen on top of its dashboard, rather than a more conventional built-in element or even the tablet-like touchscreen from Mach-E, the most of the physical controls being removed. Ford is embarking on an in-depth transformation of its in-car connectivity offering, with strategic partner Google providing expertise in artificial intelligence, data and machine learning.

From 2023, all Ford vehicles will be equipped with an Android-based infotainment system, and the Cologne-built crossover will likely be among the first to have it.

In terms of powertrains, the new Ford is expected to follow the ID 4 by offering rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive formats, with output ranging from 146 hp to 201 hp in the standard model. The range could then be completed by a sporty 295 hp model, possibly badged GT, as with the most powerful version of the Mach-E.

A 52 kWh lithium-ion battery will provide approximately 213 miles of range as standard and offer charge rates up to 100 kW, while the optional 77 kWh battery will extend range to over 300 miles and increase. the load capacity to 125 kW.

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