Review of the 2021 Genesis G80 in the UK Car News

The G80 is a modern luxury sedan, like a Lexus ES, Volvo S90 or Mercedes E-Class, therefore; not a sporty executive option like a BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 or Jaguar XF. It’s roomy and plush, especially if you’re traveling in the rear seats of a premium version with nappa leather and rear entertainment screens. It has truly substantial tactile quality and material richness, and all of the latest digital infotainment and display technology you would expect from it. It’s a smooth, insulating ride in motion, with fairly light and moderately paced controls.

Genesis offers double glazing for the front side windows of the car as standard, and for the optional rear windows (which our test car had). It is a car with active electronic noise-canceling refinements as well; and as a four-cylinder gasoline engine, it sets a very high standard for mechanical insulation. The refinement of the ride in the housing of our test car, which ran on 20-inch alloy rims, was generally good, although a bit prone to the slightest coarseness and movement on the poorest surfaces of the car. the city. But overall, the feeling of apparent calm in the interior of the G80 is truly striking. Few mid-class sedans feel as dedicated to a relaxed, relaxed and easy driving experience as this one.

The G80’s 2.5-liter gasoline engine is flexible and smooth, allowing for a fairly high level of outright performance when called upon, and still for easy driving. The eight-speed automatic gearbox with which it is associated, meanwhile, accompanies it for smoothness; it can be managed on the pallets in manual mode, but the occasions where you would probably feel the need for it should be rare.

Handling of the G80 is safe, contained and predictable; a little bit thrilling and lacking in sporty balance, with quite marked body roll construction as it approaches the limits of the chassis. It’s grippy and compound enough, however, to let you use as much of the car’s smoothly powerful level of performance as you feel most inclined to. The car isn’t engaging to drive, but it certainly doesn’t suffer from such loose or uncontrolled body control that it feels cluttered by its apparent preference for a relaxed operating style.

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