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European Super League Six has a settlement cost of £ 20million with the Premier League | Economic news

The six English clubs that have secretly agreed to play in a European Super League (ESL) will pay just over £ 20million to draw a line under their dispute with the Premier League.

Sky News has learned that the figure – which equates to an average of around £ 3.5million per club – will be announced by England’s footballing elite on Wednesday afternoon.

Sources close to the deal said it also includes the prospect of sanctions for any similar transgression by Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur in the future.

Chelsea fans protest outside Stamford Bridge against European Super League plans.  Photo: AP
The plans for the super league have sparked protests. Photo: AP

Any of those clubs that have embarked on a similar scheme would face a fine of more than £ 20million and a 30-point deduction in the Premier League, according to a source.

The amount of “fines” will be comparable to those agree with UEFA, the governing body of European football, a few weeks ago.

Unlike UEFA fines, however, Premier League penalties will be a cash sum rather than a percentage of next season’s broadcast income – an option that has also been discussed in recent weeks.

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A future breakaway is now considered next to impossible due to the impending changes to the Premier League’s constitution, although board members are determined to have a formal financial deterrent in the way of such moves.

The final settlement is significantly lower than an initial proposal made by the Premier League last month, which included a fine of £ 15million per club and a substantial – albeit suspended – points deduction.

However, Premier League managers have reportedly decided that drawing a line under the draft European Super League is a priority ahead of the league’s annual conference – in which all 20 clubs participate – which begins on Thursday.

On Wednesday, it was not clear whether the six …

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