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COVID-19: Health Secretary Matt Hancock Health Secretary to face questions from MPs on the government’s response to the pandemic | Politics News

The Health Secretary is expected to face questions from MPs about his role in the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt hancock will answer questions from members of the science and technology and health and social services committees from 9:30 am.

He is likely to face tough questions over things like coronavirus testing, testing and traceability and the government’s approach to nursing homes in the first few months of the crisis. COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic.

Watch live coverage of the select committee hearing on Sky News and our live blog from 9:30 a.m.

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“The health secretary should have been fired”

Mr Hancock’s appearance comes after Dominique cummings took the health secretary to task in a special session before the same MPs last month.

Mr Cummings, former chief adviser to Boris Johnson, makes a series of complaints on the performance of the secretary of health during the pandemic.

He said Mr Hancock should have been sacked for “15-20 things” including “lying” to people “repeatedly”.

In response to Mr Cummings’ allegations, the Health Secretary told MPs that the “unsubstantiated” claims were not true.

“I have always been honest with people in public and in private,” he said.

The two Commons committees on Wednesday released a letter they sent to Mr Cummings last week calling him to provide evidence to substantiate its claims.

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“Unfounded claims are not true”

They set a deadline for him last Friday (June 4) but say they haven’t received a response yet.

In their letter, the commissions say Mr. Cummings made “several serious allegations.”

“We understand that it is not possible to provide documentary evidence of these conversations,” note the deputies.

“However, we …

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