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Curses and Loud Language in Movies and TV Explained in New Guide for Parents | Ents & Arts News

Parents can learn more about terms and language they can expect to hear in children’s movies and TV shows in a new guide published by the British Board of Film Classification.

This is because a survey conducted on behalf of the organization showed that while most adults feel comfortable swearing or using strong language with friends, they don’t do it in front of children. and don’t want to hear coarser or offensive words on the screen.

The BBFC guide covers categories U, PG and 12A / 12 and classifies words with f *** as strong language and c *** as very strong.

Acronyms that refer to profanity – such as WTF (What the f ***) – are classified as if they were the entire words.

BBFC CEO David Austin said, “Children watch more content on multiple screens, and their parents want to protect them from strong, very strong language wherever they can and for as long as possible.

“Parents told us they wanted the media industries to share the responsibility – and that’s where we come in.

“Very strong language retains an innate shock value, and for some remains the last taboo.”

In films rated 12 or 12A, there may be “moderate” coarse language, the BBFC states on its website, and “coarse language may be allowed, depending on how it is used, who uses the language, how frequency in the work as a whole and any particular contextual justification ”.

PG films should have “coarse language only”, while U films may exhibit “infrequent use only of very light coarse language”.

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The BBFC survey was commissioned to find out whether parents would accept the more frequent use of strong, very strong language in movies watched by children and young adolescents.

Six in 10 respondents indicated that swearing is part of their daily life, with almost a third (30%) saying they use strong language more than they do …

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