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G7: the supremacy of the superpowers to save the planet – the great challenges of world leaders | World news

Face-to-face multilateral diplomacy is back. The group is reforming, but the world has changed since the last G7 meeting.

Our species and our planet face serious threats, and the West’s autocratic rivals have flourished and become more powerful.

The stakes are high for those who want the world to be ruled by open, democratic and free societies.

Covid vaccines


Coronavirus is the biggest challenge for the G7of the first face-to-face summit since the start of the pandemic. Until the whole world is vaccinated, we are all at risk of seeing a new variant send us back to square one.

Former British Ambassador to the United States who knows Joe biden well, Sir Peter Westmacott, told Sky News that the president and his allies know this is their number one priority.

“This virus is going to contaminate international business, travel, vacation, unless we can eradicate it or roughly eradicate it. It’s not enough that one or two countries are doing really well. We are. so we have to work together on this, just like we have to work together if we want to save the planet, “he said.

And if the West fails to take the initiative to immunize the world, its claim to global moral leadership could be fatally undermined.

Climate crisis

G7 climate

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the world must apply the lessons learned in the fight against COVID to meet the second biggest challenge – climate change.

On the eve of the summit, the new US president wrote that the United States is “back in the presidency on the issue of climate change” and “we have the opportunity to make ambitious progress that restrains the climate crisis”.

Economic recovery

G7 economy

The G7 must resuscitate a global economy weakened by the pandemic.

But even before the virus, millions of people were so disappointed with the way things are run economically that they voted for populists like Donald trump.

The G7 must convince them that economic integration, globalization and multilateralism …

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