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“Normalized” sexual harassment in schools “shocks” according to Ofsted report UK News

About nine in ten schoolgirls reported sexist slurs and received unwanted photos or videos, according to a new reviewer.

An Ofsted report found that sexual harassment has been “normalized” in schools, with children often not seeing the point in reporting sexual harassment because it occurs so frequently.

The report also found that many teachers consistently underestimate the extent of these problems.

Ofsted inspectors learned that boys were sharing ‘nudes’ with each other as a’ collector’s game ‘on platforms such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, while some girls suffered’ unwanted touches in the halls of the house. ‘school “.

The watchdog visited 32 public and private schools and colleges and spoke to more than 900 young people about sexual harassment after thousands of testimonials were posted on a website.

On Wednesday evening, the website said it had reported abuse at nearly 3,000 schools in the UK.

Amanda Spielman, chief school inspector, said the examination findings had “shocked” her as she called on sexual harassment to “have no place” in schools and colleges nationwide.

She said: “It is alarming that many children and young people, especially girls, feel pressured to accept sexual harassment as part of their growth.

“Whether it’s happening in school or in their social life, they just don’t think it’s worth reporting.

“It’s a cultural question; it is about normalizing attitudes and behaviors, and schools and colleges cannot solve this problem on their own.

Ms Spielman said Ofsted discovered that cell phones “frequently allow harassment and abuse” – such as sharing “nudes”.

One student told inspectors: “It shouldn’t be our responsibility to educate the boys.

Many teachers said they did not feel ready to teach outside of their specialty or that they lacked knowledge on topics such as consent, healthy relationships, and sharing of sexual images.

Times Series: A student told inspectors, “It shouldn't be our responsibility to educate boys.  (PENNSYLVANIA)One student told inspectors: “It shouldn’t be our responsibility to educate the boys. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Ofsted calls on school and college leaders to develop a culture where all manner of sexual harassment is recognized and addressed, including with penalties where appropriate.

The review also calls on the government to consider the report when developing the online security bill.

Ms Spielman added: “The government needs to look at harassment and abuse online, as well as the ease with which children can access pornography.

“But schools and colleges have a key role to play. They can keep the right culture in their halls and they can provide an RSHE that reflects reality and provides young people with the information they need.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Sexual abuse in any form is totally unacceptable. No young person should feel that this is part of their daily life – schools are places of safety, not harmful behaviors that are tolerated rather than opposed.

“Ofsted’s review rightly highlighted where we can take specific and urgent action to tackle sexual abuse in education. ”

Geoff Barton, Secretary General of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said: “No one can fail to be shocked that children and young people see no point in reporting sexual harassment because of the ‘it is considered a normal experience.

He added: “It seems that a gap has widened between what children and young people experience in terms of sexual harassment and abuse on a daily basis and what adults understand about the extent and seriousness of it. problem.

“It’s a generational divide that goes beyond schools and colleges and points to a much larger societal problem.

“The reasons why sexual harassment has become such a widespread problem are complex, but it seems clear that more needs to be done urgently to tackle the misuse of social media and the availability of online pornography. ”

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