We need to ignore all the distractions and talk about building back better Business News

reevery day, this government trots statements and statistics which are quite simply not disputed. Too often he’s not taken in on the detail, not by the least effective opposition I can remember; and not by most of the media which just share the gush.

Take free ports. I know, not the sexiest thing, but that’s the point. Compared to Meghan and Harry’s latest drama or booming variants or offensive old tweets from a cricketer he apologized for or argues about about the Queen paintings or statues in college buildings, one of the pillars of the government’s plan for economic recovery attracts little interest. How do you call this? “Build back better”. Yes, but how exactly? “Come on now, don’t pour water on it, there’s a guy.” ”

Well free ports is one way. These are the special economic zones of seaports or airports. Goods are imported without being subject to normal taxes and tariffs. Forms filling and customs procedures are kept to a minimum, and items can be stored, remanufactured and re-exported, again without collection. It is only when they move to the country of origin that the bureaucracy and rights apply.

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This notice was published: 2021-06-11 20:30:00

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