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COVID Passports Would Discriminate And The Idea Should Be Scrapped, MPs Say | UK News

A group of multi-party MPs said the idea of ​​COVID passports should be scrapped, calling them discriminatory.

The House of Commons Committee on Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs report comes as the government examines the possibility of a system that would prove a person’s vaccination status or whether they tested negative for the virus.

They could then access certain places or events, or would be subject to fewer restrictions.

But the committee said such a system would be “by its very nature discriminatory” on the basis of race, religion and socio-economic background, as well as age – many young people are not yet eligible. for the vaccine.

“We have not found any justification for the introduction of a COVID-a status certification system that would be sufficient to counter what is likely to be a significant violation of individual rights.

Data protection risks associated with setting up the system are also a source of concern, with the committee saying it “does not see how putting in place the necessary infrastructure for such a system could be a use resource efficient “.

The committee asked for the idea of ​​using coronavirus passports within the country to be abandoned.

He said the government’s decision to go ahead with a COVID status certificate for international travel pre-empted reviews by the government and the committee, without consulting parliament.

“This could be interpreted as contempt for Parliament and this committee, and this policy should have been defined before any decision on the use of a certification system.

“We have found the government’s approach to this issue all the more unfortunate given that it appears to us that the demonstration of COVID status may become a necessary feature of international travel in the months and perhaps years to come in order to ” avoid excessive quarantine and testing requirements.

“As such, any proposal would probably have been …

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