Police smash car window as dogs are left in sweltering heat on Madeira Drive, Brighton Brighton News

POLICE were forced to smash a car window to save two dogs left inside in a cage in scorching heat.

Photos show the moment an officer smashed a window on the back of a black car parked in the sun at Madeira Drive, as temperatures soared to 24 degrees.

Police said they attempted to contact the owners of the vehicle but were unable to get through and “had no choice but to force entry to let cool air into the car. .

A small crowd gathered to watch a policeman use a baton and punch to smash the passenger’s window.

The Argus: The police used a baton and a punch to smash the window.  Photos: Whitty PhotographyThe police used a baton and fist to smash the glass. Photos: Whitty Photography

The force said the two dogs, one of whom was a beagle, were relieved to cool off with fresh air and water donated by a member of the public.

The owners – a couple with two children – were pictured walking back to the car in surprise, as the alarm went off on Saturday.

Sussex Police said: ‘Police have been called about two dogs left locked in a car in the heat of the day on Madeira Drive, Brighton.

“The police showed up and tried to get a contact number for the owners of the car, but couldn’t.

“Officers had no choice but to smash the side window to access it and a kind member of the public donated a bottle of water.

L'Argus: Photo: Whitty PhotographyPhoto: Whitty Photography

“The owners received strong advice on returning to the car shortly thereafter.

“The dogs, who improved a lot after drinking fresh air and water, were left with the owners.

“Dog owners should never leave a dog alone in a car on a hot day.

“If you see a dog in distress in a hot car, dial 999.”

According to the RSPCA, a car can get “as hot as an oven” very quickly, even if it is not that hot outside.

The charity said that at 22 degrees, in a car, it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees in an hour.

The Argus: The photos show the moment the owners returned to their cars in shock.  Photos: Whitty PhotographyThe photos show the moment the owners returned to their cars in shock. Photos: Whitty Photography

A cafe owner claimed the same couple took money from their staff’s tip jar earlier on Saturday.

Chris Karaszewski, who runs the Carats Café and Bar in Basin Road, Southwick, said the couple complained about a meal and demanded a full refund, and CCTV footage appears to show the woman taking multiple shots of money from the pot on the counter.

He said: “We are a family business and everyone is doing their best to make sure everyone has a good experience.

The Argus: CCTV footage from Carats Café appears to show woman taking money from staff tip jarCCTV footage from the Carats Café appears to show the woman taking money from the staff tip jar

“I was upset that they thought they could come in and do this. It really is nerve and a terrible influence on a child.

“I believe divine justice was served afterwards because they had to pay for a new car window.

“I am amazed at the number of calls we have received from people telling us how sorry they are that this has happened. I was very touched by this.”

Sussex Police have been contacted regarding this incident.

The photographer who captured footage of the police breaking into the car has asked The Argus to donate £ 50 to the RSPCA.

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