Land Rover to start hydrogen Defender testing later this year Car News

Jaguar Land Rover will begin testing its new fuel cell powertrain technology with a hydrogen-powered Defender prototype later this year.

The company’s Project Zeus program is part of JLR’s plan to achieve zero tailpipe emissions by 2036 and is central to the Reimagine strategy unveiled by CEO Thierry BollorĂ© earlier this year.

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) will be “complementary to battery electric vehicles” in the company’s new era product line. The main advantages over battery electric vehicles, as described by Jaguar Land Rover, include quick refueling and optimum range at low temperatures.

Project Zeus will use a suitable FCEV Defender to test these attributes in a real environment, along with other features, such as off-road capability. Partly funded by the government-backed Advanced Propulsion Center, Project Zeus is being carried out in partnership with engineering companies such as Delta Motorsport, AVL and Marelli Automotive Systems.

According to JLR, forecasts predict that 10,000 hydrogen refueling stations could be operational by 2030 to serve a fleet of 10 million FCEVs.


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