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Dominic Cummings Takes Victory With Gunshot Snippets, But Target’s Venom Hurts Credibility | Politics News

In a sense, today was a clear win for Dominic Cummings in getting the ad money can’t buy.

Boris JohnsonThe former top official’s new paid blog post – which costs £ 10 a month or £ 100 a year to subscribe – has been discussed in Parliament, the opposition has run to television cameras and has been plastered on all news sites and TV stations today.

Such frantic activity will have, as we can imagine, done wonders for its number of subscribers.

This is because he used it to post screenshots of incendiary WhatsApp messages between him and the Prime Minister guaranteed to excite and seduce.

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss and Health Secretary Matt Hancock listen to Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) during a Cabinet meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock listens to Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a Cabinet meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It doesn’t matter if they are short, decontextualized and sometimes ambiguous.

Mr. Cummings dropped his latest 7,300-word treatise 23 minutes before the PM’s questions, with suggested questions for MPs – which he holds in little regard and would not have trusted themselves – to lobby on Mr. Johnson to the shipping box just for good measure. It’s almost as if the Westminster machine are just pawns in his clever plan.

None of this would have happened if he had simply turned over the evidence directly to Parliament, as he did by the members of the select committee of the COVID-19 investigation.

Maybe the main goal was to get more subscribers for her blog, given the main goal – to crowd out Matt hancock of his post as health secretary and lobe grenades at the Prime Minister too – failed in the short term.

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