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A new sofa should be a source of excitement, offering, as it is, the ability to introduce a distinct style element into your home while increasing the level of comfort. The opportunities are endless – from timeless practicality to trendy avant-garde sofas, there is something for everyone.

What are the best furniture stores to buy a sofa?

You probably haven’t failed to notice that sofas are available at every price you can imagine. And yes, as always, spending more is likely to result in a more luxurious sofa, made from resilient materials and with a firmer, more durable package. But there are some great choices for those on a tighter budget – and Wayfair are reliable.

Which style should I choose?

We hesitate to cite interior trends, because in our experience, it makes more sense to buy furniture that suits your living situation, rather than buying a trendy piece that won’t blend in with the look. rest of your environment. We do have a few tips, however.

If you are a renter, bright colors or more interesting prints can be a good way to introduce personality into an apartment that otherwise might not have a decor to your liking.

Think about fabrics that you like to feel or that will enhance your lifestyle. Velor is fantastic if you like tactility. Leather is a great choice if you live with dirty creatures, which will leave paw or hand prints wherever you go. If you’re worried about the feel of the leather under (ahem) the bottom, rest assured that there are now deliciously smooth and buttery options that just get softer and better with age.

If you’re in an open-plan home or studio, consider a sofa that can double as a room divider, which can help create an impression of specific, fit-for-use areas without interrupting the attractive flow of a room. open plan bedroom.

Small rooms and a sofa with a small footprint can create comfort without taking up the little space you have. Consider low sofas with raised legs (to let in light) – this helps suggest space in a room that is anything but.

Harper Sofa in Dusty Rose Velvet

Why we love it: If you are looking for a sofa that you can sit on and don’t want to get up, then the Harper sofa is for you. With gorgeous velor upholstery, it’s soft to the touch, while the sofa itself is perfect for slouching. – the inclined backrest is ideal for long periods of idleness. Nice lowered armrests for if you also need an afternoon nap. The seashell-shaped design is as chic as ever. We like it.

Can you customize it: Absolutely. There are too many to list here, but it can be made in any color or material you can imagine. That said, we think the powder pink velvet model is too, too gorgeous.

Key specs: It depends so much on how you chose to customize that it’s not worth going into detail here.

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Joules sofa in fluted velvet

Why we love it: This is a very reasonably priced sofa that, made by Joules in collaboration with DFS, will nevertheless last well (and is terribly comfortable). The fluted Art Deco design is effortlessly cool, and by being armless, it avoids the “boxed” feeling that some more traditional sofas can give a room.

Can you customize it: Available in blue or rich gray.

Key specs: Materials: wooden legs Upholstery: velvet Dimensions: H 79.5 x W 130 x D 68 cm

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Ritchie 3-Seater Sofa, Charcoal Gray with Rainbow Buttons

This mid-century designer Danish sofa is cheerful, fun and eye-catching, with its rainbow buttons and angular design.

With tapered solid wood legs and firm yet supple padding (great for reclaiming its shape), it has a decidedly modern feel and is perfect for small spaces.

Can you customize it: There are seven different, rather muted color block shades to choose from.

Key specs: Materials: foam padding, wooden feet Coating: polyester Dimensions: Height 86 cm, Width 188 cm, Depth 85 cm, Weight 38 kg

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New Houston Leather 3 Seater

Why we love it: Because, to be frank, it looks pretty cool. Extremely comfortable, it has a deep seat to sink into, curved arms and chunky walnut wood legs to give it a rustic – but still very modern look. Best of all, the deep layered fiber padding makes it comfortable to sit on, while the leather upholstery makes cleaning easy.

Key specs: Materials: masonite structure, wooden feet, foam padding with laminated fiber Upholstery: leather Dimensions: L221 x D101 x H84cm

Can you customize it: There is a choice of 27 different leathers, in different colors.

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Why we love it: The Sutton wouldn’t look out of place in an English mansion, but will be just as beautiful in a family home or a posh apartment. With brass covered legs, for that classic feel, it contains feathers in its padding to help make it soft and plush to sit on.

Key specs: Dimensions: 164 cm x 90 cm x 66 cm Weight: 39 kg Materials: structure in pine and engineered wood, legs in beech Filling materials: foam, feather and polyfiber

Can you customize it: Yes, with a velor, sleek wool or soft wool exterior, in a choice of several different colors – all solid and solid colors.

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Why we love it: Inspired by a 19th century Petworth chair, the Chiddingfold has that old-fashioned elegance paired with today’s high-performance materials. With a Howard arm and a deep button down back, it looks chic, feels great to sit on, and will forever stay in style.

Key specs: Materials: traditional hardwood frame, solid oak legs, foam seat cushions wrapped in feathers. Dimensions depend on the model purchased.

Can you customize it: With fabrics from a choice of velor, linen, solids, cotton, wool and corduroy, in a choice of solid colors or patterned fabrics, and as a chair, two, three or four seater – if you can dream it, they can match the Chiddingfold.

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Large Deni sofa

Why we love it: Do you love to sink into your sofa? The Deni is made for you, with a deep seat with soft cushions for good relaxation. It’s for two people who want to stretch and relax – no sofa space fight here.

Key specs: Dimensions: 78 X 225 X 110cm Materials: wooden frame and feet Covering: pure linen canvas

Aesthetically, its soft contours appear contemporary, not stuffy, but also manage to be timeless. If you like real hard floors, exposed brick, and earthy tones, the Deni will probably suit a T.

Can you customize it: The fabric is still pure linen, but you can choose one of six solid colors, in neutral tones.

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Rondo Tan Leather Sofa 3 Seater

Why we love it: The Conran Shop proclaims that this sofa is “created as a celebration of the art of leatherworking” and my word always is. British designer Lucy Kurrein collaborated with design house Molinari Living and the Conran Shop to create a luxury 3-seater leather sofa meant to be reminiscent of a punching punching bag. We think this amazing piece is undervalued, which is just effortless glamor. The cushions are heavy and full, while the feet are thin and unobtrusive. With a leather so smooth you’ll be tempted to eat it, this masterpiece is ideal if you are looking for a sofa that is – miracle of miracles – firm and soft at the same time. If you can afford it, you won’t regret it.

Can you customize it: What, trying to improve perfection?

Key Specifications: Materials: Brown leather Nobilis Tegola Dimensions: 240 cm (w) x 75 cm (h) x 96 cm (d)

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Lennox 2 seater sofa

Lennox 2 seater sofa

Why we love it: Everything Conran Shop produces is of exceptional quality, and the Lennox 2 Seater is also one of the few sofas they sell that is affordable. Made of plush velor, it is a soft and deep sofa, yet still offers enough support to treat or treat sick backs. Sober and chic, it will adapt to almost any environment. Nice stained beech wood legs, too.

Can you customize it: there are 42 different color options associated with 6 fabric options. Key specs: 178 cm (w) x 78 cm (h) x 91 cm (d) Seat height: 45 cm

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