Best inflatable spas 2021: the most efficient hot tubs for the summer, including the best Laz-y Spa Bedford News

<p>Best inflatable hot tubs of 2021.</p>
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The best inflatable spas of 2021.

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A hot tub is a purchase many of us dream of – it lets you enjoy the warm outdoors, relieves stress, and relieves muscle tension. The idea is incredibly appealing. That said, for most of us, a fixed hot tub is over budget for most of us.

When you consider that inflatable hot tubs are portable, less expensive, and don’t require a permanent space commitment like stationary hot tubs, you can see why many vendors struggle to keep them in stock.

Traditional hot tubs cost between £ 3,000 and £ 10,000 to set up, compared to £ 300-800 for an inflatable bath.

Most Google searches for inflatable spas look for information on Laz-y Spa in particular, as the brand has a reputation for providing high performance hot tubs at affordable prices. It is also the brand of spa that we tried and that really impressed us.

Attempted ? Here’s what to know before buying an inflatable spa.

What is an inflatable spa?

As you can imagine, an inflatable hot tub is one that you inflate with air. Most are smaller than traditional spas (although you can get 8 spots, which are quite large). Preformed, they have all the necessary jets (the number of which depends on the model you buy) and waterways, which are connected to a set housing a heater and a pump. Instead of being permanently connected to the mains, you instead fill a hot tub from a hose.

Once full, a spa will take between 8 and 12 hours to heat up, depending on its size. The heater can keep it warm all year round once turned on, although this does incur energy costs for use.

What do you need at home for this to work?

Any inflatable spa will come with a pump that circulates the water, as well as a radiator to heat it. For some models you will need an automatic pump to inflate it, although Lay-Z tubs come with one as a set. You will also need a hose to fill it and an external power supply or waterproof extension cord to feed it.

In addition to the tub, you will need to purchase water filters to help protect the pump and jets from any trash that falls into the tub.

You need a sturdy surface on which to place your tub – it will support both the weight of the water in it and the people in it.

Find a model known for its ease of installation – some inflatable spas can be set up in 15 minutes, but less impressive models can take hours.

Most have between 70 and 140 jets. Buy as many jets as you can afford: the boost they provide to air circulation is something and gives a more massaging effect.

We’ve taken a look at the best Lay-Z spas available and some of the more impressive options from other brands.

Lay-Z Spa Cancun

Lay-Z Spa Cancun

Seriously romantic, we recommend keeping the Cancun two-person use, although it can hold four (two adults and two kids fit very well, though).

With 81 jets, it won’t prove to be as therapeutic as other Lay-Z models, but it will keep you bubbly, warm and happy.

Small and easy to set up, we recommend the Cancun for people who want an inflatable spa that they can use for a few weeks at a time and then put it away for the next craving. It can inflate in five minutes, making it ideal for “as you go” use.

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Laz-Y-Spa Milan

New for 2021, we were very impressed with the Lay-Z-Spa Milan, which is at the lower end of the inflatable spa price bracket. Holding up to people (we liked it better when it was only four years old), it’s small enough to be very quick to inflate – it took us 15 minutes, and the pump for inflation is part of the pack.

With 140 jets, we found the massaging effect of this spa to be absolutely delicious – it works a treat for lower back pain relief.

The outer walls are made of rayon coated PVC, making it a strong and puncture resistant structure that easily fits into tight spaces.

We also loved the energy-saving timer, which turns the hot tub off when not in use, but allows you to schedule it to start heating up so the tub is ready for you to use. the end of the day.

With a built-in Wi-Fi module, the spa can be controlled via a phone app. The ChemConnect dispenser provides a stable chlorine level throughout the spa.

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Lay-Z Spa St. Moritz

Lazy Spa St. Moritz

A more expensive shade, the St Moritz model offers a lot more for your (extra) money. It offers everything the Miami does in terms of resilience, but it houses up to 7 people (although it is more comfortable with 6).

Despite this, it only takes 15 minutes to inflate and is impressively sturdy.

180 jets ensure that at a larger size the St Moritz will always provide massage comfort no matter where you sit. The integrated cup holders are a nice touch, meaning you can enjoy a cold beer while toasting.

The “Freeze Shield” means the St Moritz will withstand freezing temperatures, so you can use the tub even when the air temperature drops below 4 degrees Celsius.

It is currently in stock.

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Lay-Z Spa Bali

Lay-Z Spa Bali

We won’t repeat ourselves, because the hot tub in Bali is the same as the one in Cancun, with a fun extra feature: LED lights. This makes it ideal for nighttime use, giving the impression of being on a tropical vacation at a glitzy resort.

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Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu LED hot tub for 6 people

Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu LED hot tub for 6 people

If you have a larger backyard and often host larger gatherings with friends and family, this six-person hot tub is a great option.

It features a 40-speed heat-up system, energy-saving timer, and color-changing LED lights to help you turn your gathering into a party. With the touch of a button, surround yourself with thousands of therapeutic bubbles and experience an intense massage of the whole body thanks to the powerful integrated 140 AirJet system.

It also has the same unique gray rattan design as the small model.

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CleverSpa Inyo hot tub for 4 people

CleverSpa Inyo hot tub for 4 people

The clever design of this gorgeous teal hot tub features a unique built-in pump and heating system so even the smallest of outdoor spaces can enjoy a CleverSpa® hot tub.

It is designed to accommodate up to four adults and comes with an insulated top cover with double locking safety clips, safety locking clip keys, filtration kit, inflation hose and repair patch .

It also inflates in under five minutes so you can soon enjoy the delights of a hot tub in your own backyard.

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