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Father and son died after being gored by water buffalo on family farm, investigation found | UK News

A father and son have died after being gored on their family farm by a water buffalo that had previously taken on the young man, according to an investigation.

Ralph Jump, 57, and his son Peter, 19, were fatally attacked by Yolo, while her daughter Isabel, 22, was injured but survived.

The family raised Mediterranean buffaloes at the nine-acre site in Gwehelog, Monmouthshire, so they could use their milk to sell soap.

Ralph’s wife Josephine told Gwent Coroner’s Court in Newport that they bought two cows and a bull in 2016, and there had been no issues for the first two years.

However, she said they later noticed that four-year-old Yolo “didn’t like Peter” and raised his head and “looked at” him.

“The bull never behaved like that with me or (Ralph) and we were keeping Peter away from him,” she said.

On May 5 last year, while Peter was home from college due to the pandemic, Josephine asked Ralph to move a ring of hay that was pushed against an electric fence in their field.

She said in a statement that she was in the kitchen preparing food when Isabel shouted that Yolo was “pushing dad on the ground.” She grabbed a stick and rushed outside.

Josephine said: “I could see him rolling down the hill by the bull and I could hear him moaning. I got between them but he was trying to get back on him. He was moaning but looked unconscious. “

She said Peter then arrived on the pitch with an iron baton to “drive the bull away” from his father. “All of a sudden the bull started looking for Peter and got him,” she said.

Josephine said the animal then started attacking her daughter.

Mediterranean water buffalo in a field in Italy
The incident involved a Mediterranean buffalo. Photo file

She described that Isabel was “dragged” by Yolo before she lost interest and started attacking Peter again.

Help arrived and the animal was killed by armed police.

Ralph was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining multiple injuries to …

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