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Andrew Neil denounces “far left agitators” behind GB News boycott – “Nonsense awakened” | United Kingdom | New UK News

The president of the most recent British network condemned the group Stop Funding Hate, which launched the boycott, as being opposed to a free society. Speaking on his Mediawatch show on Thursday night, Mr Neil shot at the political group and the companies who gave in to their demands.

He said: “It is quite remarkable that serious leaders and established companies can be so easily intimidated.

“They all got down on their knees to stop funding hate. It is important that they – and you – know who they are subject to.

“Stop Funding Hate does not defend a liberal and inclusive society. He is dominated by far-left agitators and cranks who push advertisers to boycott any media organization he disagrees with.

The right-wing TV channel launched on Sunday has vowed to challenge the cancellation culture and wake-up behavior.

Mr Neil said the channel “would pierce the pomp of our elites in politics, business, media and academia and expose the growing promotion of the culture of cancellation for the threat to free speech and freedom. democracy that it is “.

The Stop Funding Hate group started the movement with the aim of starving Britain’s newest channel of advertising revenue.

However, since its inception, many companies have retracted their position.

On Thursday, Moneysupermarket, which had only joined the boycott a day earlier, reversed its decision to “suspend” its advertising space on GB News.

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He said: “The awakened nonsense has reached the boardroom and corporate capitalism is becoming the useful idiot of die-hard censorship fanatics.”

The president of GB News further warned companies not to take the “wrong side” of news channels “millions of supporters”.

Mr. Neil said: “GB News viewers are furious with the advertisers who criticized us.

“Many have written to tell them. And their number is increasing.

“For three consecutive nights this show was the number one show on all available news channels in the UK.

“Add our audience, friends, allies and supporters and we can bring together millions of supporters on social media. It’s not a good idea to be on the wrong side of them.

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