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IT MAY BE summer solstice, but anyone hoping to enjoy a spectacular sunset is more likely to witnesss precipitation.

Met Office forecasters warned the sunset in Brighton would be mired in clouds as gloomy conditions continued into the evening.

Temperatures are below average for this time of year at around 13-14C today.

Heavy rains and high winds will remain until the early hours of tomorrow morning, but it will become less humid in the afternoon.

Meteorologist Alex Burkill said Tuesday would likely be the driest day of the week, but wet weather would reach most areas by midweek.

He added that temperatures could also drop in the middle of the week and that the north of England could drop below zero overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

Mr Burkill added that the forecast for next weekend was unclear, but said there was a chance of stable and milder weather, although he could not rule out further precipitation. .

The persistent wet weather follows high temperatures in parts of southern England last week, reaching as high as 28 ° C (82.4 ° F) on Wednesday.

This was followed by parts of the southeast which saw up to a month of rainfall in one day, including Otterbourne, Hampshire, which recorded 67mm of rain from 11pm Thursday to 5pm Friday, and Dancers End, Drayton Parslow, Toddington and south of Farnborough, had rainfall between 65mm and 57mm.

Here is the Met Office forecast for the rest of the week:


A beautiful dry day with lots of sun in the west where it is hot. Windy and slightly cloudier in the east, giving a cooler feel, especially along coastal areas. Maximum temperature 18 ° C.

Outlook from Wednesday to Friday:

Lots of sun this Wednesday. Becoming increasingly cloudy after a sunny start to the day Thursday, with showers in the afternoon. Cooler and cloudier on Friday, with spurts of mostly light rain.

From Friday June 25 to Sunday July 4

Temperatures will be generally average on Friday and a band of cloud and rain in the central and southern parts will gradually move to the southeast throughout the day; drier and sunnier conditions are to be expected further northwest.

Subsequently, mostly dry weather is likely for the most part, but with episodes of rain or showers briefly more unstable for the southern and eastern parts, as well as more prolonged rains for the north-west of the UK. Winds most likely remain light to moderate throughout the year, with temperatures fluctuating or slightly above average for the time of year.

Confidence decreases later in the period, but there is a risk of high pressure building up for some time. This will most likely result in further periods of stable weather interspersed with short, more unstable periods.

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