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Mobile speed camera locations in Bath and North East Somerset this week Bath City News

Traffic is recovering after the lockout restrictions eased, but that hasn’t stopped some drivers from stepping into the metal as they embark on a stretch of open road.

With more and more accidents in the region, it is more important than ever to drive safely and safely – and within the law.

To tackle the scourge of anti-social driving, mobile radars are to be deployed at the Bath and North East Somerset sites this week.

There is a long list of potential sites, but only a few are on the weekly list of possible visits.

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And below you can see the mobile speed camera app schedules for the week starting June 21.

Don’t think you will get away with speeding at other locations – as the app can take place at any location within the Avon and Somerset Police area.

Completion schedule for the week starting June 21

A3062 Bradford Road, Bath – 30 mph

A36 Lower Bristol Road, Bath (nr jct A4 Bristol Road) – 30 mph

A36 Warminster Rd, Bathwick – 30 mph

A36 Warminster Road Bath – 30 mph

A362 Farrington Gurney – 30 mph

A362 Frome Road, Radstock – 30 mph

A367 Bath New Road, Radstock – 20 mph

A367 Wells Road, Radstock – 30 mph

A367 Wellsway, Bath (nr Entry Hill Golf Course) – 30 mph

A367 Wellsway, Odd Down, Bath (St Martin’s Garden Primary School) – 30 mph

A37 Clutton – 30 mph

A37 New Road, Pensford – 30 mph

A37 Pensford Junction Parsonage Lane – 40 mph

A37 Upper Bristol Road, Temple Cloud – 40 mph

A37, Clutton – 40 mph

A39 Bath Road Farmborough – 30 mph

A39, Marksbury – 30 mph

A4 Bath Road, Saltford (abandoned sidewalk opposite radar) – 30 mph

Batheaston A4 Bypass – 50 mph

A4 Box Road, Bathford – 30 mph

A4 Newbridge Rd, Bath – 30 mph

A46 Swainswick Bypass, Bath – 50 mph

B3110 Midford Road, Bath – 30 mph

B3114 Chew Lane, Chew Stoke – 40 mph

Mobile speed camera schedule for Bath and North East Somerset (Image: Avon and Somerset Police)

B3114 East Harptree Road, West Harptree – 30 mph

B3114, Herons Green (causeway by the pool) – 50 mph

B3115 Tunley Hill, Tunley – 30 mph

B3116 Wellsway, Keynsham to Burnett – 40 mph

B3116 Wellsway, Keysham – 20 mph

B3130 High Street, Chew Magna – 20 mph

B3130 Winford Road, nr jct Broadcroft, Chew Magna – 20 mph

B3355 Silver Street, Midsomer Norton – 30 mph

Bannerdown Road, Batheaston (nr jct Barnfield Way) – 30 mph

Bathwick Hill, Bath (nr jct St Ann’s Way) – 30 mph

Bloomfield Road, Timsbury (outside Foundry Cottages) – 40 mph

Brooklyn Road, Larkhall, Bath – 20 mph

Camerton Hill, Camerton (entrance to Crosspath Cottage) – 30 mph

Cavendish Road, Bath – 20 mph, site: 2652

Chandag Road, nr jct Kennet Road, Keynsham – 20 mph, site: 3094

Charlcombe Lane, Bath – 20 mph

Charlton Park, Keynsham (outside 39 Charlton Park) – 20 mph

Charlton Rd, Keynsham> Keynsham – 30 mph

Chilcompton Rd, Midsomer Norton – 30 mph

Coronation Avenue, Bath – 20 mph

Cotswold Road, Bath – 20 mph

Courtney Road, Keynsham – 20 mph

Durcott Lane, Camerton – 20 mph, site

Englishcombe Lane, Southdown, Bath – 20 mph

Entrance Hill, Bath – 20 mph,

Great Pulteney Street, Bath – 20 mph

Green Lane, Bath – 20 mph

Herriotts Bridge, N Widcombe – 50 mph

Kelston View, Whiteway, Bath – 20 mph

Lansdown Road, Bath – 30 mph

Lansdown Road, Lansdown, Bath – 20 mph

Newton Road, Bath – 20 mph

Norman Road, Saltford – 20 mph

North Rd, nr jct B3355 Northmead Rd, Midsomer Norton – 30 mph,

Penn Hill Road, Bath (outside 97 or 131 Penn Hill Road) – 20 mph

Pensford Old Road, Pensford – 20 mph

Queens Road, nr jct Tenby Road, Keynsham (outside 30 Queens Road) – 20 mph

Richmond Road, Lansdown, Bath – 20 mph

Southdown Road, Bath (nr jct Parry Close) – 20 mph

St John’s Road, Bath – 20mp

The Hollow, Southdown, Bath – 20 mph

The Street, West Harptree – 30 mph

Waterford Park, Radstock – 20 mph

Waterloo Road, Radstock (opp Kingdom Hall car park entrance) – 30 mph

Weston Lane, Bath – 20 mph

Weston Road, Bath – 20 mph

In addition to these sites, there is a separate speed camera application on the M4 and M5 intelligent motorway sections, where variable speed limits can be implemented.

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