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COVID-19: Exam Changes in 2022 and Beyond Likely Due to Pandemic, Gavin Williamson Tells MPs | Politics News

Changes could be made to exams in 2022 and thereafter to take into account disruptions faced by students due to the coronavirus pandemic, the education secretary suggested.

Gavin Williamson said he wanted students to take the GCSE and A-level exams next year, but may need to make “tweaks and mitigations” to ensure fairness for those currently in 10th and 12th grade year.

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He told the Special Education Committee that there was unlikely to be an immediate return to pre-coronavirus exams.

Mr Williamson said he “would much prefer to see the children take exams” in 2022, but told MPs: “We fully recognize that we cannot predict what we are going to face over the next few years. coming years”.

He added: “We are thinking about what we need to do to ensure fairness and the right level of support for students.”

When asked if he thought any changes would be needed next year and possibly in the future, Mr Williamson told the committee: “I really expect there to be, in a way, adjustments and mitigations to be put in place because I think that these young people who are currently in 10th and 12th grade will obviously have suffered disruptions as a result of the pandemic.

“So I don’t think you have the possibility to immediately return to the same absolute state of affairs as in 2019.”

Summer exams have been canceled for the second year in a row due to the pandemic, with teachers having to submit decisions on their students’ grades this year.

They were able to draw on a range of evidence in their determinations, including practice exams, lectures, and classroom assessments using questions posed by exam boards.

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