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Brexit is NOT done! Boris has issued a furious warning as UK is “miles away” from Conservative promises | United Kingdom | New UK News

The former Brexit Party MEP has warned the British that “Brexit will not go away” and that the UK is “miles away from this Conservative Party’s manifesto promise”. Mr Habib warned that Tory leaders had signed a Brexit deal that allowed the EU to “dismember” the UK. He said: “The EU seeks not only to punish the UK, but to dismember it”.

The former MEP said the “first branch” of this dismemberment would be Northern Ireland.

He added: “Then he will go after Scotland.

“And while he seeks to capture parts of the UK, he will also seek to punish us economically.

“Metaphorically, not content with a hanging, they also want to quarter us.”

British businessman and former politician Mr Habib said Theresa May and Boris Johnson had “played a game to charm the electorate voting for Brexit”.

He added: “Some people may have joined, but it is not the most damaging of the EU.

“In reality, May and Johnson were petrified that they could not come to an agreement.

“And in their fear were born many evils for our country.”

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“The second of his expulsion and Boris Johnson’s promise to do Brexit.

“And a third of its Brexit delivery in the teeth of a pandemic.”

Mr Habib’s comments come after UK Brexit Minister Lord Frost and European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic disagreed on a solution to the implementation of the Protocol ‘North Ireland.

The EU has threatened a trade war with the UK if Britain does not implement controls on goods entering Northern Ireland.

The UK is required to implement these border controls at Irish Sea ports under the terms of the Brexit deal.

The Vice-President of the EC, Mr Sefcovic, said his patience with the UK was “very, very thin” on the contentious issue.

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