Audi SQ8 TFSI Vorsprung 2021 UK test Car News

The handling of the car matches the character of the engine fairly well; it’s very effective in so many different ways, albeit super-capable, filtered and somewhat aloof rather than fully involving. The car will be driven in the comfort of a limousine; but it can also weave its way through slippery corners in a flat, swift fashion and securely locked to its line like a hot four-wheel-drive sedan whenever you want.

The top-of-the-line Vorsprung version gives you height-adjustable adaptive damping air suspension, mechanical torque-vectoring all-wheel drive, four-wheel-drive steering and active anti-roll bars as standard. There isn’t a single version of the Bentley Bentayga that can match this list of chassis and drivetrain technologies, and if you want a Porsche Cayenne with the same mechanical specs, it’s going to cost you a lot more.

In a car that looks like a truly tech-laden traditional Audi, these systems combine to give the SQ8 truly impressive dynamic adaptability and a lot of luxury appeal. You might not be able to perceive them all working, but that’s quite the point: Audi is aiming here for a masterful, all-round dynamic skill that makes the car look effortlessly superior, and entirely on top of its game. its own game, whatever you choose. to exploit it.

Most of the time, the SQ8 hits that target pretty well. The car’s dynamic mode suspension settings may be too short and firm for ideal vertical body control on bumpy back roads, and its 22-inch rims can very occasionally make their mass felt at low speeds, even in mode. driving comfort.

Personally, I would have preferred a slightly lighter and more delicate steering when the car is leaning and taking sharp turns, when the rim can feel slightly leaded and numb – but it very rarely fails to get the car to grip and change. direction in all cases.

The rest of the SQ8 luxury car package is as complete as before: that is, quite. Despite that gently sloping roofline, there’s plenty of space in the second row and trunk, while the cabin looks and feels extremely expensive and is packed with digital tech.

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