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Tech entrepreneur Roman Taranov employs more than 70 people across Europe and has championed remote working long before the Covid pandemic erupted last March. The 26-year-old self-made millionaire also still pays staff above the market rate and allows them to book vacations with just one week’s notice.

Mr. Taranov believes that being flexible is the key to enabling staff to thrive and has no problem adapting to their employees.

He attributes this to his unconventional upbringing – which saw him struggle with mainstream education before dropping out of school in Ukraine at the age of 15.

The then teenager fled to Europe where he learned marketing, technology and management on his own while founding two start-ups and traveling the continent.

Mr. Taranov, who now heads the application development company Ruby Labs in London, has also created several applications, which has kept him traveling.

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“While some employees missed the morning commute to the office, many others took the opportunity to work from home with relish.

“Millennials and Generation Z workers are among those who have particularly enjoyed the experience of remote working and are most likely to want to continue with this employment model even after the global pandemic is over. a distant memory.

“A huge advantage of working remotely is that you aren’t limited by geography, but time zones are a consideration.

“For a team to work effectively together, there has to be a level of cohesion in the working hours, and doing it this way is much faster and cheaper when you expand your reach to multiple cities and countries.

“For example, someone in the UK who is collaborating on a real-time project may be +1 or +2 hours away from other workers (in Germany or Spain), but someone who has +9 or + 12 will not work as efficiently (Japan or Australia).

“There is also the advantage of being in Europe, you are never only a few hours away from millions of other workers, where working rates can be cheaper, as in European countries of the world. ‘Is like Slovakia, Romania and Moldova. “

Mr Taranov, who was born in Ukraine but now lives in London, is currently advertising nine full-time remote positions.

There is no requirement for workers to be in the same country or same time zone.

He believes his radical approach will become more and more mainstream, and future employees may even begin to wonder whether it is mandatory to live in the same country of application.

He said: “It’s not too hard to see why dramatic changes in the world of work seem to be on the horizon.

“Although remote working is not a new concept, it has become much more prevalent in recent years due to the latest technological advances.

“Now, with cloud systems, video conferencing and super high speed, it’s no surprise that the majority of office workers have now reaped the benefits of working from home for themselves, they want to continue with this mode of life. .

“A young generation of employees are determined to work to live rather than live to work, and they see remote work as their way to achieve this goal.

“It could mean working from a beach in Spain for a UK company or backpacking Eastern Europe while you stop to check your emails.

“The world is changing at an exponential rate and smart employers will take it into account. “

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