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GB News ‘Andrew Doyle bursts out at Barclay’ conference ‘Don’t tell us how to talk and behave!’ | United Kingdom | New UK News

The featured GB News has tried its hand at the British bank on a series of videos recently posted on the multinational’s social networks. Andrew Doyle challenged the “informative” PR strategy advising clients on how to become “best allies” of the LGBTQ + community and tackle microaggression in everyday life and in the workplace. Mr Doyle said: “The Barclays Bank has decided that we all need a lesson in social justice.

“This week the bank posted a series of educational videos on Twitter – one tells us about gender identity and how we can all become better allies, another teaches us how we need to raise awareness about micro -aggressions.

“In case anyone has forgotten, Barclays is a bank, a bank with assets of £ 1.3 trillion – it’s not the resistance, it’s the establishment.

“Maybe that makes me a sentimental old left-hander, but I find it a little off-putting when the capitalist class starts telling lower orders how to talk and behave.

“You believe in generating interest income on client deposits and using a portion of that income to provide loans to other clients to generate client expenses. “

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The GB News host continued, “It’s because you’re a bank and that’s what banks do.

“So why are you telling people they should be free to be who they are and love who they love? Sounds like you’re reading Celine Dion’s B-side lyrics.

“People tend to react badly when the corporate capitalist class starts to condescend them. “

Mr. Doyle noted that such marketing strategies could also impact business profits as customers tire of their “sermons.”

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“All of this from a company whose primary goal is to sell as much New York super fudge chunk ice cream as possible.”

The GB News presenter concluded his seething rant by adding: “ I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to their opinions, but when I get a 99 from Mr. Whippy van I’m not expecting a conference on the international arms trade or human rights violations. the current man in Communist China.

“So why are Ben and Jerry’s different? Keep selling your frozen desserts and stop saying you’re Mahatma Gandhi.

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