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‘Huge song and dance party’: Fans shed COVID gloom to celebrate England’s Euro 2020 win over Ukraine | UK News

England reached the semi-finals of Euro 2020 after a complete 4-0 victory over Ukraine, sparking celebration among fans.

Sky News correspondents Michelle Clifford, Milena Veselinovic and Sadiya Chowdhury were in three different places to see how fans reacted.

Rome – Michelle Clifford

They had been singing “football is coming home” for hours before kick-off and English fan optimism turned out to be right. The song echoed again inside the stadium in Rome as the final whistle sounded.

Due to virus restrictions, English fans were fewer than usual – but they tried their best to be just as loud

Fans had come from all over the world – America, Dubai and all over Europe to watch the match in Italy. And they came away euphoric. Dance, wave their flags, more than a few more damaged.

Many told us that the atmosphere inside the stadium was amazing despite the fact that there were a lot less fans in attendance than I wanted. COVID-19 had thwarted travel plans for thousands of people from the UK.

A boy who had traveled from Switzerland with his British father said: “It was my first game against England and it was so exciting.” Her father said the English fans tried to make as much noise as possible.

Amber, 15, who had come from Cyprus with her family, told us before the game that they would try to scream and scream so the players could hear them. Her face painted with two English flags, she was jumping for joy.

Only one fan we spoke to before kick-off predicted a 4-0 victory. I bet he regrets not betting on this at the bookies before the two sides meet.

Fans in fanzone near Wembley Stadium as England defeat Ukraine at Euro 2020
Beers were thrown in the air in London when Harry Kane scored the first goal against Ukraine

London – Milena Veselinovic

Beers flew through the air at the moment Harry Kane scored the first goal against Ukraine, as …

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