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Thousands of Gateshead’s most needy children set to benefit from summer food program UK News

Thousands of Gateshead’s most needy children are expected to benefit from a food and activity program this summer.

Following England striker Marcus Rashford’s successful campaign last year, the government has extended holiday activities and the food program to cover the Easter, summer and Christmas holidays in 2021.

This meant that Gateshead Council received £ 850,000 in funding from the Department of Education to pay for these programs, for vulnerable children and those receiving free school meals, during the Easter, summer and Christmas holidays. .

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Now, a report to the authority’s Housing, Environment and Healthy Communities Review and Review Committee has revealed an extensive summer vacation program intended to provide 21,000 meals to needy youth in the borough.

The summer food and activity program will take place at 43 sites; 23 community organizations, 12 schools, including three high schools and two special schools, five sports venues and three religious organizations.

This will provide more than 21,000 places for 1,450 children per day.

The report states: “The Council’s catering service will complement the provision of food in community places with hot meals in seven schools, healthy packed lunches in 11 places without catering and healthy snacks at the Active Kidz program and our activities. pop-up sports. . “

Activities offered will include sports, dancing, professional skills, cooking, cycling, circus and bush forestry.

The report states: “Vacation club spots will be available for the equivalent of at least four hours a day, four days a week, six weeks a year and must include healthy meals (one healthy meal a day meeting guidelines). school food standards), rewarding activities (providing fun activities with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge), physical activities (which meet the Physical Activity Guidelines), nutrition education. “

The committee will hear the report on Monday.

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