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COVID-19: What Scientists Are Saying As England Moves To Relax July 19 Lockdown | UK News

Government science advisers and modeling groups have warned the COVID-19 outbreak is “clearly large and increasing”, and keeping the number of cases low would help the UK cope with anything potential future problem.

it comes after Boris Johnson announced his Coronavirus regulation bonfire expected later this month – in which he seeks to distance England from the “diktat of government” and to move towards personal responsibility.

Among the movements envisaged is the end of the COVID obligation to wear face coverings.

COVID updates live from UK and around the world

Sir Patrick Vallance (pictured), Professor Chris Whitty and other scientists painted a darker picture

However, the men flanking the Prime Minister at a press conference in Downing Street – England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty and the Government’s Chief Science Advisor Mr. Patrick Vallance – painted a darker picture of the coronavirus situation in UK.

Modeling from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and other experts also called for caution about the next stage of the pandemic in England.

Sir Patrick said that “although vaccines have weakened the link between cases and hospitalization” it is not a “completely broken link – and we will always see an increase in hospitalizations”.

He added that a further increase in deaths can also be expected for the same reason.

The chief scientific adviser said the number of UK cases is doubling every nine days – with young people most likely to be affected and around a quarter of a million people are currently living with the coronavirus in the UK – United.

However, the doubling time for hospitalizations is “slower than for cases”.

Professor Whitty said: “The number of incoming cases [to hospital] per day at the moment is relatively low compared to previous waves – around 300.

“But if you double down and …

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