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Primodos Scandal: Government “Too Slow to Act” to Help Victims of Primodos, Valproate and Birth Defects of the Vaginal Mesh | UK News

Linda Phillips stands in a Liverpool cemetery searching for a long lost but never forgotten person.

In 1976, her daughter was stillborn, the doctors took the baby away and told Linda that she had better forget about her.

Linda explains, “When my daughter was born, all I saw was a nurse coming out of the room with like a green theater sheet.

“I rushed to the door. Nobody told me what had happened. The doctor came, I asked if the baby was okay? She said ‘no, the baby is dead, but it is ‘is for the best’.

“She went on to tell me how the baby was born with the top of her brain missing and the top of her skull missing. They took the baby away from me, I’ve never seen her. I don’t know what the hell is.” they made her. I don’t know where she’s buried. “

It is alleged that the drug could have been responsible for life-changing limb deformities
It is alleged that the drug Primodos could have been responsible for life-changing limb deformities. Photo file

Decades later, she still doesn’t know what happened to her child. It wasn’t until she met another woman with a similar experience that she realized she might be able to find her daughter’s cemetery.

Another Liverpudlian, Anne Darracott, also had her stillborn daughter removed at birth, but was recently able to find the place where she was buried after consulting the public records of the Liverpool Library.

Both women gave birth at a time when very few questions were being asked about birth defects. The policy seemed to be to tell mothers to “go away, forget about it – try again”. Or in Anne’s case, “don’t try again”.

Unfortunately, there is no registration or gravestone for Linda’s child. But the two women have something else in common. They both used the pregnancy test drug Primodos and believe it was responsible for the damage to their babies.

The manufacturer Schering, now owned by Bayer, has always denied the link between Primodos and birth defects.

But in 2017, a Sky News documentary uncovered new evidence of the possible association between the …

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