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Covid News: Hospital worker makes heartbreaking anti-vaccine appeal after friends die | United Kingdom | New UK News

Grace Manuputty courageously shared the “heartbreaking” experience she suffered when the couple died after catching the virus. The 50-year-old described vaccines as a ‘game changer’ and urged everyone to get one.

Speaking to Wales Online, Ms Manuputty said: ‘A friend of mine, her health has deteriorated, we were all hoping she will beat Covid.

“At first when the vaccine came out the NHS people had it in the first place, she refused to take the vaccine.

“When she didn’t succeed, it was horrible.

“One minute we were sharing food, the next minute she was gone.

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“If you care about the people you love, please take it, if you want to get back to normal life, that’s the only way, take it.

“My mother passed away last year and I couldn’t even go home due to the restrictions on saying goodbye to him, we have to beat him to get back to a normal life.

“I cannot explain the suffering that Covid has caused us.

“Don’t take it for granted, some countries can’t have the vaccine, we can, it’s there for us, you can trust the science and the professionals.

“With this vaccine, yes if you get it (Covid) you can survive.”

Ms Manuputty, who lives in the Townhill area of ​​Swansea, said she felt very lucky because she had received two doses of the vaccine.

This week alone, it was reported that more than 12,000 Welsh hospital staff had contracted Covid since the start of the pandemic.

She has now enlisted the help of her colleagues in educating people in Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) communities about the importance of getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

She asked colleagues from these communities to participate in a series of photographs containing legend maps to explain why they chose to take the vaccine when it was offered.

“There are many reasons why people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities might not get the vaccine,” she said.

“By giving people the opportunity to say ‘I was vaccinated because…’, we hope to show that the vaccine is safe and vital to protect you, those you love and your community.

“Everyone has suffered during this pandemic.

“I have lost two friends who have not taken the vaccination and have since died from Covid-19. As such, I am passionate about the need for people to get vaccinated. “

Reasons people wrote on their cards included, ‘I need to protect myself, my family, my patients and protect the public’, ‘this is the only way to beat Covid-19 for good’ and ‘ due to the efficacy proven in trials “.

Henry Gilbert, campaign chairman, said: “For many months, false information has been circulating on social media, including allegations that the vaccines are against Islam, that they contain pork or that they can lead to infertility, but none of these claims are true.

“Me and many of my colleagues at the Tell Me More forum, were also fortunate to have received two doses of the vaccine and we urge people who are in doubt to find out the facts from a reliable source and take the vaccine. . when it is offered.

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