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A small group climbed the Gateshead monument early on Saturday and attached a five-by-three-foot ridge to their chest. However, the police arrived a few minutes after the badge was attached and ordered its removal.

England face Italy on Sunday at 8 p.m. in their first major competitive final since the 1966 World Cup.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the clash, with many waving the St. George’s Cross in support of the England team.

The Angel of the North waterfall was performed by a small group, including 38-year-old Ben Fada.

Some of his friends had already targeted the sculpture, putting a Santa hat on his head.

Fans attempted to attach an English football crest to the Angel of the North [Stock picture] (Image: GETTY)


The Angel of the North is Britain’s largest monument (Image: GETTY)

Speaking to Chronicle Live, he said: “I was at work just two days ago and the guys were saying they were surprised I didn’t put anything for the euros.

“I thought it was too late, but literally within 24 hours we had the badge and mount made, so the effort that went into that was unreal.”

The badge featured the logo of the three lions of the English football team, as well as the slogan “It’s Coming Home”.

The attempt began shortly after midnight, with Chronicle Live reporting that the team had used a “10-foot catapult” to tie ropes to the angel’s wings.

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Supporters outside the English training camp (Image: GETTY)

These were used to scale the 66-foot-high monument, after which the badge was affixed in place.

Mr Fada, from Washington in County Durham, said it was “like a military operation to be honest”.

Not everyone was so impressed, however, with one bystander calling the police.

The officers arrived just minutes after the badge was put on.


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England fan celebrating his side’s victory over Denmark (Image: GETTY)


10 Downing Street adorned with English flags (Image: GETTY)

Mr Fada explained, “Once we got it up there, well and safe, the police came around the corner after someone reported to us that we were over (the ‘Angel) and shining lights.

“We begged them and asked them if there was a chance they would close their eyes, but they didn’t want it.

“I tried to stop up there, trying to say we’ll come back and pull it out tomorrow as it wasn’t sure as I was tired but he said if it didn’t come down now we would would hammer it, so that was it really.

“The cops are just doing their job but we are devastated.”

England train ahead of Euro Italy final

The Daredevil added that the public would have found his work “absolutely amazing” if he had been allowed to stay.

Construction of the Angel of the North, the largest sculpture in the UK, was completed in 1998.

It was designed by Antony Gormley, a famous British architect.


England beat Denmark 2-1 (Image: GETTY)

Following negotiations with the British government, 1,000 Italian fans will fly to Sunday’s game.

They will not be forced to quarantine themselves, but will be kept in a bubble separate from the general public.

Gareth Southgate’s side secured their place in the final on Wednesday by beating Denmark 2-1.

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