Wakefield Trinity boss Chris Chester says “missed opportunity” against champions St Helens Yorkshire News

Although they did not have the last 17 players available for the Challenge Cup finalists to visit, West Yorkshire put on a brave display in pouring rain at Belle Vue.

Having lost 14-0, they were 16-14 behind entering the fourth quarter and applying a lot of pressure after attempts by Innes Senior (2) and Lee Kershaw.

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However, Lachlan Coote’s attempt in the 64th minute basically put an end to the hosts’ hopes of a surprising victory.

“We’ve had a good talk about it and we feel like we’ve missed a very good chance to beat a good St Helens team,” said Chester.

“I think we showed a lot of character and spirit, as well as tenacity.

“In the first half we faced a bit of adversity and we went through the other side and we played some really good attacking pieces.

“But in the second half we had a good ball to score some more goals.

Wakefield Trinity captain Jacob Miller cheers for his team against St Helens in the pouring rain at Belle Vue. (ALLAN MCKENZIE / SWPIX)

“We seemed a bit disconnected in the second half with the ball, so there is a sense of disappointment.

“We don’t have much of a chance to beat St Helens, regardless of who we have on the field.

“We had to play a winger at nine for longer than planned after losing Matty Ashurst to a blow to the head early on, which played a huge role.

“We made too many mistakes that broke the spirit a bit, but I’m very proud of their efforts and the guys are doing it hard.

Wakefield Trinity’s Joe Westerman faces off against St Helens. (ALLAN MCKENZIE / SWPIX)

“We really have 17 players in shape.”

Hooker Kyle Wood was injured earlier in the week in training and winger Max Jowitt was removed due to a follow-up Thursday.

With teammate Josh Wood also offside, winger Liam Kay came off the bench and played nine for most of the game.

Chester said: “I thought Liam did a great job.

Innes Senior of Wakefield Trinity scores the first of her corset. (ALLAN MCKENZIE / SWPIX)

“He ran the ball well and his distribution was good and he raised his hand.

“It has been a long time since he played as a medium, and he keeps telling us that he wants to reinvent himself!”

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