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Keeping elephants in zoos could be made illegal as animals suffer from mental illnesses in captivity | UK News

Keeping elephants in captivity could be banned in the UK as part of any recommendations the government should heed.

The Elephant Welfare Group has been tasked with producing evidence-based guidelines to improve the management and welfare of elephants in the UK.

Reports suggest he will advise banning captive elephants, marking the end of seven centuries of practice.

Animal rights activists have long warned of the impact of captivity on the physical and mental health of elephants.

“Over the years, a lot of evidence has been gathered on issues related to longevity, physical, psychological and very low reproductive rates in calves,” Will Travers, president of the Born Free Foundation, told Sky News.

“In Europe there are just under 600 elephants in captivity, and an aging population that is not being replaced by the number of elephants born in captivity, so at the end of the day somewhere along the line , it is very likely that the elephant population in Europe will become extinct on its own. “

Mr. Travers also rejected the idea that zoos provide an educational platform.

“The public sees an animal out of the context of its natural environment, out of its correct social setting, plagued by a series of psychological and physical ailments, when we know that we can do so much better for elephants by protecting them and the deer. vast areas they need to live in the wild, ”he said.

Mike Jordan, Director of Plants and Animals at Chester Zoo

There are currently 51 elephants in captivity in 11 UK zoos, including in Chester where Mike Jordan, director of animals and plants, says they play a vital role in conservation.

“Our absolute target has been a virus called elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus,” he told Sky News.

“We now know that this virus is occurring just around the distribution of Asian elephants, but we really have no idea of ​​a …

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