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Euro 2020: Fury as disgusting banner spotted in Rome – fans celebrate Italy victory | United Kingdom | New UK News

After Italy beat England in a heartbreaking penalty shootout, footage emerged from Rome showing Italians attacking the Queen. In one image, a banner was held in Piazza Venezia, Rome, saying “f ** k the Queen”. Another image also showed Italian fans celebrating with a banner proclaiming “Brexit 2.0”.

Commenting on the photo, fans took to social media to celebrate the loss of England.

One person said, “I love this sign!

“She didn’t even have the bottle to make it to the final!”

An Italian said: “FORZA ITALIA!

Some English fans, however, took to Twitter to attack Italian fans who mocked Brexit and the Queen.

One person said, “Disgusting.”

A second said: “A bad winner is worse than a bad loser.

A third said: “That’s what I don’t like, the bad fans who win and they will.”

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Outside of Italy, some of Germany’s biggest publications also took the time to poke fun at England after the defeat.

German publication Bild Zeitung was delighted with England’s loss on penalties.

The title of the post read: “Penalties! England! Nothing Again!”

The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote: “Italy beat England.

Then the second line was written in bold: “GOOD SR ON PENALTIES.”

Die Welt also described Southgate’s choice of penalty takers as a “mistake” after England lost.

His own headline read: “The England coach has it all wrong with the penalty shoot-out.

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