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Four ‘handsome boys’ killed when car crashed into house, investigation found Bath City News

Four young men died when one of them crashed his car while going over the alcohol limit and reaching a speed of 120 mph, according to an investigation conducted today (Tuesday).

Ryan Nelson, 20, Corey Owen, 19, Matthew Parke, 19, and Jordan Rawlings, 20, were all killed in the tragic crash last year.

The friends were driving along the A4 in Derry Hill, Wiltshire, when their vehicle pulled off the road and struck a house, igniting.

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The “handsome” boys were loved by so many people, according to the tributes paid by the family the day after their death.

An inquest held today (July 13) into the deaths of Ryan, Corey and Matthew learned that the car could have been driven at 120 mph before the crash and that the driver, Jordan Rawlings, who also died, was passing the legal alcohol limit.

Left to right: Matthew Parke (19), Corey Owen (19) Jordan Rawlings (20) and Ryan Nelson (20). (Image: Wiltshire Police)

Crash investigators showed the court Snapchat footage sent by the young men just before the crash, used by police to determine where they were in the car and how fast they were traveling.

Police crash investigator Stephen Spenner told court they left Pewsham roundabout at 80 mph and could have traveled at 120 mph before crashing.

The wheel of the two-door VW Polo was torn off when the car tore the hedge at the Derry Hill house.

In a statement read to court, Margaret Carnegie, who lives on the property the car crashed into, said she was awakened by a loud bang that rocked the house.

Floral tributes at the crash site on the A4 near Derry Hill, Calne.

Wiltshire Coroner’s Court also heard various testimony about the incident, including desperate attempts by a passing truck driver, a taxi driver and his passengers to help the young men.

They described hearing screams and screams coming from the burning car, but were forced to back up due to the extreme heat.

One of the taxi passengers described how he tried to open the car window, but the rubber had melted and he burned his hand trying to save them.

Emergency services on site on the A4 near Derry Hill, Wilts, after a car crashed into the side of a house around 3 a.m. this morning and caught fire, killing its passengers. August 16, 2020. See the story of SWNS SWBRcrash. Four young men died after a car crashed into a house and caught fire on the A4. The vehicle erupted in a fireball after the crash around 3 a.m., with three heroic members of the public frantically trying to free the victims from the wreckage. The occupants of the house immediately called 999 and were evacuated while firefighters put out the blaze. No one inside the house was injured. Emergency services rushed to the scene earlier this morning (Sunday) with firefighters extinguishing the fireball that had crashed into the side of the house along Derry Hill, Wilts.

A statement from Corey’s mother, Tessa, read, “Corey was my first son, best friend and man of the house.

“The bond we shared was incredibly close. He was a reasonable and reliable young man, mature beyond his years.

“When died was applying to college.

“The night he died shouldn’t have been in Wiltshire. He was due to leave for the weekend but was unable to take time off.

“She was a person the siblings admired for doing the right thing.”

A statement on behalf of Matthew Parke’s family read, “He’s never been one to be happy in his own company.

“As he got older, he needed to be in company and to have people around him.

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“He has become very motivated and ambitious. He had an attitude – he chose to work hard and play hard.

“He was going to go to college and start a business management degree. He wanted to stay in touch with old friends and share Swansea’s experiences with him.

“He passed all the first year exams and was due to come back in September 2020.

“Containment has been a really difficult thing for him to manage. He was a very popular young man – confident, popular, strong-willed and determined.

“He will be sadly missed by those who knew him.”

An investigation into the death of the driver, Jordan Rawlings, is due to take place next week.

The hearing continues.

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