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Parking changes with blue badge at Finchley Memorial Hospital UK News

A parking expert has warned blue badge holders could be caught off guard by a new system introduced at a North Finchley hospital.

Derek Dishman called for clearer signs in the parking lot at Finchley Memorial Hospital to let users know the provisions had changed and to help them avoid paying fines.

Mr Dishman, who helps people pay council fines on his Mr Mustard blog page, said that under the new contract with Euro Car Parks, blue badge holders are required to register their details every time they go. they were using it – even though they had already entered the information under the previous system.

“If you are coming from Summers Lane, there is only one parking sign when you enter the site,” he said. “It’s on the right side of the entrance and facing you, so you don’t even see there’s a new sign.

“Nothing tells you the system has changed. When you walk down the main entrance road it has double red lines and looks like a Transport for London route. Then when you enter the parking lot itself there is nothing to say when you enter a private parking lot.

“Having already registered your blue badge, why do you think you have to do it again? But you have to do it every time.

Mr Dishman also said there did not appear to be an option to stay longer than three hours, which means people who have had longer treatments could exceed the limit.

He asked for explicit signs on the blue badge bays in particular, advising people to register each time, two signs at the entrance for drivers from both directions to see, and one when people enter the parking lot from the access road.

The parking lot at Finchley Memorial Hospital is managed by Community Health Partnerships, a public company established in 2001.

A statement from Community Health Partnerships said: “Finchley Memorial Hospital has free parking for the use of patients and visitors. A camera parking system was put in place in January 2021 to prevent misuse of the car park following the implementation of stricter controls on parking in nearby streets. This was to allow people with an appointment to find a parking space if needed.

“The system does not require a ticket. Upon entering the hospital building itself, there are a number of kiosks at different heights for people to register their vehicle registrations, allowing them to park for up to three hours. If someone is not able to use them, the reception staff will help them. Only a few patients need to stay longer than this and in these cases it is also arranged free of charge by the reception staff.

“There are several high-visibility signs in the parking lot itself and banners inside the hospital entrance highlighting the provisions.”

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