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Council leaders have come together to call for greater decentralization of power to help some regions tackle the climate crisis.

City Councilor Phélim Mac Cafferty, Head of Brighton and Hove City Council, is one of 32 multi-party leaders and mayors to sign a formal demand calling on the government to devolve more power to local areas.

The group, made up of leaders from across the UK, called for powers to shape local energy markets, decarbonize transport in their areas and tackle emissions from homes and offices.

The International Net Zero Local Leadership Conference was held this week in Birmingham, where leaders lobbied Business Secretary Kwasi Kwateng.

Here are some examples of the powers requested by the leaders:

  • Give local communities the power to decarbonise new and existing buildings and housing in their territory
  • Establishment of strategic energy bodies – which cooperate between public bodies and companies that manage energy infrastructure
  • Reduce the costs of connecting electric vehicle charging networks to the grid
  • Ensure the new UK Infrastructure Bank has a Net Zero mandate

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Cllr Mac Cafferty said: “It is clear that in the UK it is local councils, cities and regions that are leading the way for climate action. We can go much further and much faster when that will be recognized and adequately resourced.

“In Brighton and Hove, we laid the groundwork for decarbonising our city. Our carbon neutrality plan sets out the bold steps we will take to achieve net zero in all sectors, including energy, housing, transport and the circular economy, in local communities and organizations.

He added: “It is time to empower local areas so that communities can make meaningful change and build on the creative and innovative work already underway in the nine years we have to make a difference. ”

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