Aston Martin Valhalla: head of design on the creation of a hybrid supercar Car News

The new Valhalla supercar is Aston Martin’s answer to the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. It pairs a very tense Mercedes-AMG-supplied V8 with a pair of electric motors for a combined output of 937bhp, which Gaydon bosses say will secure it a production car lap record at the Nürburgring.

It is a car of many firsts for the British manufacturer and as such represents a huge design leap from other models in the brand’s portfolio, as well as the preview RB-003 concept that was presented. in 2019.

We spoke to Aston Martin’s Creative Director Marek Reichman to find out how he went about creating an all-new, radically different design for the Valhalla, while maintaining ties to mainstream production cars from the brand.

Was the Valhalla the first mid-engined car you worked on?“No, the Valkyrie had that distinction. And you could also say that the DP100 concept we did for the Gran Turismo game was another. fact, you have to do everything, even deal with details like weight bias. “

What do you consider to be the most distinctive characteristics of Valhalla?“Well, it has a grille, which other hypercars don’t have. That means, unlike others, this car has a face. And there’s also its optimized proportions that make the difference. S-curvature at the front that identifies this unmistakably an Aston. You can put your hand on the badge and people always know exactly what it is. We’ve tried it. “

What were the most difficult parts, from the designers’ point of view?“We always try to make sure that the car’s air vents – the practicalities that it breathes through – have an elegance that matches the character and purpose of the car. This car has a lot of it. You can’t stray from the functional nature of vents, but getting them to work is a serious challenge Ensuring that surfaces critical to the car’s aerodynamics are also stylish is another challenge.

What are the characteristics that distinguish the interior of Valhalla?“Our idea is to give it a sense of calm and power. We also want to avoid undue complications. And quality plays an important role. The effect we are looking for is, indeed, where Hermès meets Apple.”

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