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FREE vegan burgers are offered in Sussex this weekend.

The UK’s leading vegan activists, Viva, are trying to show people how delicious vegan burgers can be.

Viva also tries to convince people that by eating vegan burgers they can help the environment.

The environmental campaign of the association #VeganNow highlights the impact of animal agriculture on the planet and the climate crisis.

Viva argues that animal agriculture is the main driver of wildlife loss and says going vegan is the best way to fight climate change, reducing demand for meat, milk and cheese.

As part of the #VeganNow campaign, Viva is touring Britain, offering free vegan burgers to members of the public to encourage them to try being vegans.

The burgers will be served with all the trimmings, including vegan cheese, salad and tomatoes.

Viva’s burger van will be in Sussex this weekend and will be open from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The van will be in New Road, Brighton, on Saturday before heading to Worthing Pier to serve people on Sunday.

The Argus: Will Sorflaten, senior Viva activist, will serve the vegan burgersSenior Viva activist Will Sorflaten to serve vegan burgers

The tour will continue into the week and visit Salisbury, Reading and Bath.

Will Sorflaten, senior activist for Viva, said: “We’re hitting the road this summer to show the people of Britain how easy and tasty it is to make the world a better place just by eating vegan.

“There has never been a more important time to talk about animal agriculture and the devastating impact it has on our health and our planet.

“Going vegan is the biggest action an individual can take to fight climate change – replacing beef with beans can literally save our planet.

“All the major supermarkets now have an incredible range of vegan food, there has never been a better time – so go ahead and give it a try.”

Founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, the association has spent more than 25 years trying to create a gentler, more sustainable world for humans and animals.

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