Volkswagen ID 3 Tour Pro S 2021 UK test Car News

What is that?

As the flagship model of the Volkswagen ID 3 lineup, this new Tour Pro S invites buyers to ask a big question: How much are you willing to pay for extra range?

Housed in the flat floor of the Tour Pro S is a substantial 77 kWh battery, the largest of the three sizes available for the ID 3, giving the model a significant official range of 336 miles.

That’s a substantial and useful increase over the 217 and 263 miles that you’ll get from the smaller 45 kWh and 58 kWh batteries also offered for the hatch. But, as might be expected, it comes at a cost: with the help of government grants, the cheapest 45 kWh ID 3 is available for £ 29,620; in contrast, our Tour Pro S test car costs £ 41,400, in part because it sits well above the government subsidy threshold.

What does it look like?

To be clear, this additional cost is not entirely due to the batteries. As a higher spec, the Tour trim ID 3 models come with a kit that included 19 inch wheels as standard (our test car had 20 inch alloys as an option), dual zone air conditioning, zero inlet key and fast charging up to 125 kW – although you will only find two suitable seats in the back.

It also comes with Volkswagen’s new Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, which projects navigation details and other information onto a much larger section of the window. Once you get used to it, it is a close system, if not game-changing technology.

The ID 3 hides the extra battery weight of 77 kWh – nearly 200 kg more than an ID 3 of 58 kWh – and there is little compromise in terms of ride or performance for that extra range. Unlike the Max trim, the Pro S doesn’t have adaptive dampers, but despite that and the 19-inch wheels, the ride is still decent, if not dynamic.

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