How the government plans to bring UK transport to zero by 2030 Car News

“Even when we think of things like E10 gasoline, we want to be very clear that we take into account the needs of classic cars and their drivers, because that’s a big part of their life. “

While the 2030 phase-out date is a clear marker for the industry, there isn’t much to stop manufacturers (at least in theory) from flooding the market with state-of-the-art ICE vehicles. This is a possibility that worries Maclean. “We need to look at the constraints we can place on the industry in terms of what automakers can and can’t sell, and we need to have a solution to prevent them from doing that somehow. . ” she said.

One idea could be a system in which manufacturers would be forced to ensure that a certain percentage of their sales each year are electric, thus limiting the number of gasoline and diesel cars that can be sold. However, Maclean said that “we’re not there yet on the details and the numbers because we need to allow the industry to respond.” She continued, “Any regulations we put in place will have an impact on manufacturers as they will seek to maximize their returns.

“And now that the UK has left the EU, we need to establish our own regulations regarding CO2 emissions. What we need to do – and we will do it shortly – is release our green paper that talks about what the regulatory regime will look like, and there we’ll talk about how we are tackling this problem. “

Given the focus on CO2, some argue that the government’s changes to its plug-in car subsidy in March, reducing it from £ 3,000 to £ 2,500 and lowering the price cap for electric vehicles eligible from £ 50,000 to £ 35,000, were steps back. .

Defending the move, Maclean said “it is right” for the government to look “where it has the most impact” and that the EV subsidy is now targeted at “cheaper vehicles” because “it is there. that people are the least likely to be able to fully fund the cost out of their own pockets.

Maclean also hinted that the EV subsidy might go away completely over time: “I think it’s fair to keep watching this. [the future of the scheme]because at the end of the day we have to make sure that we don’t use government money to help people buy cars that could have afforded it anyway.

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