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Electric scooters: activists from blind and visually impaired groups call for an end to city trials | UK News

Campaigners call on the government to stop testing commendable electric scooters until safety reviews are completed, saying the vehicles have made cities “no-go zones” for blind people.

The UK’s National Federation of the Blind will file a petition at 10 Downing Street on Tuesday calling for all to be stopped rental plans, while also calling for private electric scooters to remain illegal for use on UK roads.

Sarah Gayton, the group’s Street Access campaign coordinator, said the scooters had “taken over the sidewalks.”

“People are affected, they are injured, people have very serious injuries,” she said.

“We know in Nottingham that people’s anxiety is much higher because of electric scooters. Sidewalks and people leaving electric scooters everywhere.”

The campaign group is also calling on the government to ban retailers from selling electric scooters to the public.

Tom Walker from Liverpool, blind in one eye and visually impaired in the other, will travel to London to help deliver the petition.

He recalls a recent incident in which he felt a “breath of air” pass in front of him, shortly before a member of the audience told him he was nearly run over by one of the scooters, which can travel at a speed of around 15 mph. .

“I’m pretty relaxed about things and it wasn’t too much about me,” he said. “But for many blind and partially sighted people, especially those who have just lost their sight, it would have been a terrifying experience.”

Tom Walker, who was nearly hit by an electric scooter, will help hand off petition
Tom Walker, who was nearly hit by an electric scooter, will help hand off petition

A number of serious incidents have been linked to the vehicles, including at least five fatalities as well as thefts and accidents.

On Sunday, a 16-year-old schoolboy became the latest…

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