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Supermarket workers can avoid having to self-isolate if they are cracked by the NHS Covid app | United Kingdom | New UK News

Downing Street said there would be no single published list of “critical” industries whose isolation workers can bypass.

But “business critical areas” may apply to specific departments.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “This is not a blanket exemption and I understand we are not going to produce a list covering individual sectors, those critical areas for business will be able to request exemptions from their companies. host departments.

“There will not be a list covering individual sectors… it is important that anyone who thinks they are in a critical industry or who wants to raise potential issues due to isolation can contact the departments and get advice and, where applicable, obtain exemptions. “

Asked specifically about supermarket workers, the spokesperson replied: “We are not trying to draw lines specifically around who or who is not exempt.

“What’s important is making sure essential services are able to function and finding the right balance between requiring people to self-isolate, but also making sure essential services can function.”

Mr Johnson told a virtual address of his Checkers residence on Monday that workers in “critical roles” such as train flaggers and air traffic controllers will no longer have to isolate themselves completely when notified by the app as someone’s contact with Covid.

The Prime Minister announced that he would include “the staff of our hospitals and our rest homes, the supply of food, water, electricity and medicine, the movement of our trains, the protection of our borders and the defense of our kingdom, ensuring that a very small number of critical nominated workers, fully vaccinated, are able to leave their isolation only for the work I have described ”.


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