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Cold War: RAF plans to thwart Russian missile threat with Soviet-era tactics | United Kingdom | New UK News

The Royal Air Force’s decision to reinstate Cold War tactics was revealed by Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston to the Telegraph. Speaking to the Pearl Harbor Hawaii broadsheet, ACM Wigston confirmed that the fighter jets would benefit from “no-notice” dispersal exercises that would see them disperse to civilian airfields and other locations, including airfields. highways.

“It looks a bit like the Cold War,” he said, “but we urgently need to remind ourselves how to do it.”

ACM Wigston added that this practice was used by RAF Jaguar fighters when tensions were high between the USSR and the West after World War II.

The specific locations have not yet been identified and the larger UK airports would be unlikely locations.

However, Teesside, Southend and Liverpool airfields would be viable options for the RAF.

The Air Chief Marshal said Russia’s new missiles, air defense systems and Moscow’s tendency to use force prompted the move.

Concerns have grown of late over the possibility that Vladimir Putin could move Russian missiles to Kaliningrad.

Sir Wigston warned that if this were to happen Britain would be “within range” and added that Russia’s air defense was “very sophisticated”.

“They murdered people in the streets of Britain and annexed part of Europe. They have the threat systems. We are worried about them, ”he said.

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Recently, ACM Wigston welcomed the US announcement to build a space base in the UK.

Sir Wigston said the plans, which many hope will help fend off threats from Russia and China, will help us defend “our critical infrastructure in space.”

He added: “Right now there are countries like Russia and China that are doing things, developing systems that are … a threat to the satellites we rely on in our day to day lives.” .

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