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THE COUNCILORS have agreed to advance plans to remove a controversial cycle path.

The lanes installed on Old Shoreham Road, Hove, last year are set to be removed after a series of consultations revealed they were unpopular.

Labor and Tory advisers have joined forces to oust the roads in a crucial meeting tonight, voting to push the six-to-four plans forward.


Green Transport Chief Amy Heley, who chaired the meeting at Hove Town Hall, said the proposal was “extremely disappointing”.

But Labor group leader Carmen Appich said: “Obviously this temporary program has not worked and needs to be moved.

“I urge the members of this committee to keep our promise and remove the tracks immediately.”

Labor later added: “We called for a consultation and promised residents that we would listen to them. They told us the lanes we had put up on Old Shoreham Road just were not working.

“So tonight we voted to remove them and find another location for a temporary cycle lane system. We suggested that officers start by considering Portland Road and New Church Road, but also explore other options. near.

“There will now be an emergency subcommittee over the next three weeks to finalize the removal of temporary lanes on Old Shoreham Road, and we will be urging officers to find an alternative that works for all road users. ”

The cycle lanes occupy two lanes of the A270, one of the main entry and exit arteries of Hove to the west of the city.

A survey of the Old Shoreham Road cycle path showed it was not supported by around 63 percent of people. A separate consultation found similar opposition to the regime.

Conservative transport spokesman Robert Nemeth said: “Cyclists now find themselves intimidated, yelled at and punished in the most unnecessary of all local battles.

“Much more work could and should have been spent winning over people. Changes could have been made and, if necessary, completely new routes considered.

“I hope this whole pointless episode will be remembered as a way to go wrong and that the principles of consultation, consent and democracy will be enshrined in future decision-making processes.”

The meeting started at Hove Town Hall at 4 p.m. after a pro-cycling protest took place outside.

The Argus: Dr Mike Miller practices at Warmdene Surgery and urged counselors to keep lanesDr Mike Miller practices at Warmdene Surgery and urged counselors to keep the lanes

There were heated exchanges as advisers entered the debate.

Green Transport Chief Amy Heley opened by reading posts from children in support of Old Shoreham Road routes.

“Does anyone want to answer that? she questioned the advisers.

Former Labor leader Nancy Platts replied: ‘You want people to vote with you, but being rude to people is not helpful.

“People try to make hard decisions based on facts.”

As the adopted amendment was read, Green Councilor Jamie Lloyd applauded mockingly and was heard say “shame”.

Cllr Lloyd later told The Argus: “We can see very clearly that the Labor group of advisers do not care about vulnerable road users, they do not care about children who will no longer be able to go to school. bike, they don’t ‘care at all about the opinion of our local doctors or their own party members; Brighton and Hove Labor declaring a climate emergency with one hand and destroying a cycle lane with the other.

“They are not on the side of the vulnerable, on our children or on our doctors; they are on the side of the Conservative Party and we will never let them forget that.”

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