The new Audi RS Q E-tron is a Dakar weapon with 671 hp range extension Car News

Audi will take part in the infamous Dakar rally in January 2022 with its all-new RS Q E-tron rally-raider, which it calls “an electrifying high-tech test lab”.

While testing is underway, Audi has confirmed new details on the aggressively styled electrified off-roader, which will face what project manager Andreas Roos has called “the ultimate challenge for an electric drivetrain”.

With up to 500 miles to go each day for two weeks, the RS Q E-tron must have an on-board charging solution, for which Audi has chosen the 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine used in its RS5 DTM racer. now retired, which is not connected to the wheels and serves as a generator for a 50 kWh and 370 kg battery, developed with an unnamed technical partner.

The gasoline engine will run at “particularly efficient” speeds of between 4,500 and 6,000 rpm, and emit less than 200 g / km of CO2 for each kWh of charge gained by the battery. Regenerative braking functionality is also available, further increasing the range of electric vehicles on the go.

An electric motor from Audi’s 2021 Formula E car is featured on each axle, while a third unit serves as an energy converter between the battery and the combustion engine. The two axles are not mechanically linked, but the torque distribution software plays the same role as a conventional center differential, helping to save weight and space.

Total power is set at 671bhp, but it remains to be seen whether Dakar officials will impose a power limit for the 2022 race.

Audi aims to be “the first automaker to use an electrified transmission in combination with an efficient energy converter to compete for the overall victory against conventionally powered competitors in the world’s toughest rally”.

Stefan Dreyer, Head of Motorsport Project Development at Audi Sport, promised that the lessons from the Dakar project “will flow into future production models,” and confirmed that Audi’s passenger car development team is involved in the RS Q E-tron.


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