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Harry Dunn: US government asks to keep secret the work of Anne Sacoolas in damages case due to national security concerns | UK News

The US government has demanded that Anne Sacoolas’ work in Harry Dunn’s damages case be kept secret due to “national security” concerns.

19-year-old parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn traveled to the United States last month to bring a civil action against her alleged murderer, Mrs. Sacoolas, as well as her husband Jonathan.

Harry died in August 2019 after being hit with his motorcycle by Mrs. Sacoolas, who was driving his car on the wrong side of the road near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, parents of Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn’s parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn are in the United States for the civil case

She was granted diplomatic immunity and was allowed to return to the United States, although she was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

A request for extradition from the CPS was rejected by the US State Department.

The pending civil case is heard by the District Court of Alexandria in Virginia and is one of many housed by the Dunn family in pursuit of justice for their son.

He revealed unpublished evidence about the jobs of the Sacoolas couple and that their intelligence work was a “factor” in their departure from the UK.

Lawyers on behalf of the US government filed a proposed “protective order” on Friday before Ms Sacoolas gave her testimony in August.

He asserted that “the information regarding the United States government is of little or no relevance to the resolution of the outstanding issues in this case”.

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Harry Dunn’s mother Charlotte Charles says she won’t give up

“In general terms, the United States is asking for protection… because of the impact that the disclosure of information about the government in this dispute could reasonably have on national security,” he said.

The order specifically refers to details “relating to the defendants or any other …

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