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Hertfordshire Police warn ahead of summer festivals UK News

Herts Police have warned people not to sexually take advantage of others before festivals this summer.

The force said that with the lifting of the restrictions, some may see it as an opportunity to target people.

“Our message to these people is simple: sex without consent is rape,” said DCI Anna Wright of the Police Safeguarding Command.

“Regardless of previous conversations, everyone – male or female – has the right to say no to any sexual activity at any time and this should be fully respected.

“It is also important to remember that sex with a person disabled by alcohol or drugs constitutes rape.”

She warned that offenders could face jail and be placed on the sex offender list.

“So please stop and think – is it really worth the consequences? She added.

Inspector Nicki Dean said Herts festivals are generally very safe with low levels of crime, but urged people to be vigilant nonetheless.

“One of the steps you might want to consider is installing a personal security app, such as Hollie Guard, on your cell phone,” she added.

“These apps can help empower men and women around their own safety, and can alert selected contacts when you might be in danger, tracking your location and sending audio and video footage as well.”

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This notice was published: 2021-07-22 05:00:00

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