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IMAGES: Hundreds of people show up at Sheffield’s first parkrun in 18 months UK News

Free weekly events that are supervised by volunteers have been opened in four of the city’s free 5K routes – Graves Park, Manor Fields, Concord Park and Endcliffe Park.

At Graves Park, about 200 attendees showed up before the traditional 9 a.m. start time, excited to be part of the community event they missed the most.

Event director Jo Eccles said it was a “good vibe” in the park, although she admitted she was a little worried at first as the Covid pandemic is still gripping the area. nation.

She said: “We were a little nervous, a little dizzy, but everything went as planned. Everything went very well.

“We had the folks that deployed and spaced out before they actually left, so we had some cool, well-spaced volunteers and runners.

“It’s a great turnout and definitely a good start … 200 is a perfect number actually because we don’t want a lot of people to overwhelm the event.”

63-year-old participant Andy Caswell said it was great to be back as it was his first race in 18 months, despite the difficulties he had to face trying to finish the race.

“The race was horrible… I hated every second. I kept asking, “Why the hell am I here, why the hell am I doing this?”

“But it’s just something I would do and always want to come back next week and keep doing it. There’s just no cure for insanity,” he said with a laugh.

Helen Dickinson, 45, a regular parkrun runner, said it was nice to see familiar faces, especially after being locked at home for so long.

She said: “I have done quite a few parkruns all over Sheffield. If I go on vacation, I would look for a local one and go there.

“It was fantastic doing it. The park here has a lot of hills, something you don’t normally get in any other park.”

Jo said the park will host a junior parkrun every Sunday, where children will run a 2 km course.

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