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Major search of two kayakers after empty vessel spotted at sea off the coast of Somerset Bath City News

A full-scale search for emergency services was underway on Friday, July 23, as two kayakers feared they would be missing off the Somerset coast.

Police and Coast Guard members were called to Brean Beach after two people were seen entering the water with an inflatable kayak, with the ship then spotted empty in the water.

The Coast Guard helicopter was in operation overhead as officers and members of the Coast Guard scoured the area, searching the beach, sea and local trailer parks.

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A statement from the Burnham-on-Sea Coast Guard reveals that with no new information no one has been reported missing and no one claiming the kayak, the operation was put on hold late Friday evening.

However, anyone with information is always welcome to call 101.

The Coast Guard statement read: “The lifeboats were quickly loaded by our Marine Rescue Coordination Center in Milford Haven and the location of the kayak was determined.

“Once found, it was then used by the Coast Guard Operations Center as a marker to create a search grid for the lifeboats.

The HM Coastguard Rescue 187 helicopter was also loaded and flew over in record time.

“While this was happening, we were busy gathering information from the first informants who gave an accurate description of the kayak and when they realized that maybe something was wrong.

“We also searched the beach chatting with many beach users taking advantage of the weather and high tide while keeping an eye out for anyone in distress or in unsupervised clothing.

“Police were checking parking lots and distributing information to local caravan parks in case anyone went missing or lost the kayak.”

The statement added: “With the fading of the day and a significant search area covered by all teams, including our Coast Guard family from the Weston-super-Mare Coast Guard Rescue Team who had joined us. , it was decided to suspend all units.

“No new information, no one missing or no one claiming the kayak, no one was thought to be in danger, but we would always ask that if anyone had any information to contact, please call 101 with the number journal (1104).

The two person inflatable kayak was yellow and gray in color with an explorer written on the side and last seen in the Brean / Berrow Beach area with two people on board.

“If you see someone in danger or in difficulty, please dial 999 and ask for the Coast Guard.”

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